Financial Courage: Moving towards a healthy financial position through budgeting and investing.
 Occupational Courage: Job enrichment, engaging in, managing and progressing in satisfying work.
   Social Courage: Making healthy social engagements, well developed community and support systems.
   Relational Courage: Improve existing relationships with significant others, parents, partner and children.
   Environmental Courage: Improving the air, water and stimulants around you to create a healthy environment for you.
   Physical Courage: How to improve your nutrition, exercise, and other negative/positive influences on physical health.
   Emotional Courage: Strategies to help men with a crushed soul and to improve emotional intelligence.
   Mental Courage: Strategies for life-long learning to expand knowledge, skills and amnesia prevention.
   Spiritual Courage: Strategies to discover greater meaning, purpose, truth and one’s spirit, transcendence/mindful awareness, and finding and being led by your true self despite what your emotions and thoughts are telling you.